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Free Lotto

Free-Mobile-Lotto is a free of charge lottery for smartphones.

The player chooses 7 out of 49 numbers and daily has the chance to win 1 million Euro paid out as an immediate annuity.

How does it work?

You choose 7 out of 49 lucky numbers for free.

The drawings are held daily and if you have choosen the 7 winning numbers, you will win 1.000,000 EUR paid out as an immediate annuity.

How to join?

Just choose your 7 winning numbers and click on the round qooqo logo. If you already have installed the qooqo app in your smarphone, the app will start automatically. You will be asked to authorize the participation in the game with your personal qooqo PIN. Done!

Participation is free of charge.

You haven't installed qooqo yet?

If you click on the round qooqo logo after you have placed your tip, and you haven't installed the qooqo app yet, you will automatically be forwarded to the App Store where you can download the qooqo app free of charge.

How many times can I play?

You can play Free-Mobile-Lotto one time daily free of charge. One lottery ticket is allowed per day per player.
The following day you can play again Free-Mobile-Lotto, so you have daily a chance to win 1.000,000 Euro.

By what time should I place my tip?

If we receive your tip until 3pm (MEZ), you will participate on the same day in the drawing. If we receive it after 3pm, you will participate in the drawing on the following day.

Where can I find the latest winning numbers?

Please click on "winning numbers" in the menu bar and there you can see the current drawing results.

How many numbers do I need to win a million?

Your selected 7 lucky numbers have to match the numbers drawn.
Then you have won the 1 milliion immediate annuity!

Where does the million come from?

The SPS GmbH & Co. KG assures the jackpot of 1 million Euro in form of an immediate annuity. If the 7 selected numbers match the numbers drawn, the winner gets an amount of EUR 3.333,-- for a period of 299 months and in the 300. month an amount of EUR 3.433!

Where can I review the results of previous drawings?

You will find the results of previous drawings as well as of the latest drawing in the menu bar under the menu item "Drawings".

How will the million be paid out?

The million from Free-Mobile-Lotto will be paid out to you in form of an immediate annuity. For the period of 299 months you will get an amount of EUR 3.333,-- and an amount of 300 months of EUR 3.433!
Winnings until EUR 1.000,-- you will get as a cheque or cash.

Is the participation free of charge?

Yes, you can place your tip daily free of charge.

Why do I have to register in qooqo?

The jackpot winner will be contacted by mail and telephone. Therefore condition of participation is disclosure of first and last name, address, email address and date of birth.

Multiple registrations of one person are not allowed. Qooqo ensures, that only one lottery ticket is filled per day.

What happens to my personal data?

Free-Mobile-Lotto collects and processes the users personal data and traffic data (active und passive participant numbers, Source- and Destination-IP, and different Log-Files) as well as the first and last name, address, email address and the date of birth.

The data given are processed and stored only for the purpose of meeting the "Geschäftsbesorgungsvertrag" contract.
Your personal data will only be transferred to partners and sponsors as far as it is allowed by the Data Protection Law.

How and where will the numbers be drawn?

The drawing of the spanish state lottery "La Primitiva" (Thursdays and Saturdays) and "Bono Loto" (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays) takes place at 9:30pm MEZ or later under the supervision of a notary. The numbers drawn are the winning numbers of Free-Mobile-Lotto.The winning numbers for the days Monday to Saturday are determined by adding the ciffer 1 to the winning numbers drawn on the respective day.

The winning numbers for the respective Sunday are determined by adding the ciffer 2 to the numbers drawn on the following Monday. If after the addition, the winning number is higher than 49, so the winning number will be created out of the value of excess. Example: 49+1 will become 1, 49+2 will become 2.

How will I be informed about my win?

In case you have won, we will inform you per your indicated email and will enclose your matching winning numbers.